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NEONNY is a remarkable lighting product developer, we provide comprehensive lighting solutions regarding bespoke lighting product,installation and 

control to global residential and commercial needs around the world. Our products are in the leading position over the global market and endorsed by the world's top professionals in the fields of smart lighting engineering, Eco & interior design.


Our professional team owns more than 20 years experience in working together with architects, interior designers and contractors in diverse culture. We are committed to direct communication with the global designers and consumers, put ourselves in their position, strive to figure out 

the best solution, pursuit the ultimate consumer satisfaction. We listen to your needs and develop solutions. 


As the international brand, Neonny has officially registered trademark in both United States of America and European Union. We are now seeking global architects, interior designers, lighting distributors and contractors to establish the worldwide service channel. We are expecting to work together with new partners based on the mutual understanding, confidence and trust, create and deliver unique value to the market and ourselves.

What is our advantage?

- Deep comprehension of lighting, interior decoration and human life

- Outstanding handwork skills

- High efficient on bespoke products and solutions


What can we do for you?

- Unique architectural LED lighting products - modern and concise

- Professional support for projects including products selection, installation solution and after-sales service

- Custom made service in products and solutions


What is our goal?

To develop innovative and unique LED lighting products and solutions that fulfill standard requirements as regarding to ergonomics, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility and create added value in terms of aesthetics, applying LED lights to make work easier and improve communitional.


What is our values?

- Constantly pursue customer satisfaction

- Successfully manage growth and guide operations with a strong central support team

- Develop and maintain strong, trusting relationships with our clients, suppliers and employees

- Offer the best working environment for our employees, allowing for creativity and individuality

- Invest in our employees, through an ongoing development and training program

- Educate our employees on the business and encourage personal and professional growth within the company

- Uphold the time-tested values of honesty, trusts and personal integrity

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