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Frequently Ask Questions




 Frequently Ask Questions 

Can I purchase directly from Neonny?

It depends on if there is local authorized distributor. If yes, we will inform the local distributor to contact you. If not, we will serve you 



How do I purchase Neonny standard products and what is the procedure?

1) Send Neonny email with product code, quantity and shipping instruction

2) Neonny will quote you with price at terms of EXWORKS SHENZHEN CHINA

3) Neonny will help you to finalize shipping solution and cost if you need

4) Neonny will provide you proforma invoice (PI) once you request to order

5) Prepare order upon payment is done

6) Deliver


Do you accept custom request? (eg. shape, dimension, coating and installation etc)

Yes, custom request is encouraged. We are able to develop custom product upon your concept or specification with drawing. Neonny will 

develop product solutions upon your detail requirements and then propose.


What is the IP grade of your products?

IP20 is default grade if no IP grade specified.

Is higher IP grade available?

Yes,higher IP grade is available upon request.

What is form of payment?

Telegraphic transfer (T/T).


What currency for business trading?

US dollar only (USD).


Is tax collection occurred to buyers?

No, our prices and quotations are excluding tax. 


If my order is urgent, can I pay extra money for quicker production?

Urgent order request is normally discouraged. But don't hesitate to let we know if you are in such occasion indeed, we will figure out the best solution for you.


Can I change to another product or product requirements after I have already confirmed my 

order with payment?

Sorry, the change will not be accepted because all relative preparation are already ongoing.


Do you accept letter of credit (L/C) payment?

Yes, we do accept L/C payment. Unless otherwise specified, our quotation are prepared upon payment terms T/T.

L/C is negotiable, but not encouraged because:

1) Cost increase, bank administration fee, cost of fund occupation, end up with more product cost

2) Occupy seller and buyer's more time and energy for negotiation

3) Delay the production lead time


Can I get some discount for order large quantity?

Neonny will evaluate your request, then quote you with better price if your order quantity is large enough to simplify our production 

procedure or to save material without sacrificing product quality.


What will be the lead time for delivery?

The general production lead time is about 2 - 4 weeks, to be verified upon exact models and quantity. Shipping time depends on shipping 

type chosen by buyer.


What is your warranty?

We offer 3 years conditional warranty unless otherwise specified. When product gets problem in warranty period, Neonny will review or investigate,and collect sufficient information,and then evaluate the situation and discuss with buyer to reach proper solution.

There are 2 major solutions when product gets problem that is caused by product quality issue in warranty period:

1) For failure product that can be fixed by replacing parts, Neonny will provide free spare part to buyer, buyer bears the shipping 


2) For failure product that requires new light, Neonny will provide free new light to buyer (For products that have been upgraded or stopped selling,NEONNY will provide similar version or alternative solution) , buyer bears the shipping cost.


Is it possible if client wants to extending warranty for the total products?

Yes, extend warranty is purchaseable.


Price up 10% for 4 year warranty (excluding PSU).

Price up 15% for 5 year warranty (excluding PSU).

(*Note: PSU is power supply unit.)

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