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Multifunction Ceiling - Acoustic Series (HEXAGON)

Acoustics series is useful to compose a comprehensive and extraordinary ceiling solution including not only merely LED plus acoustics, but also fused with modern aesthetics elements.

hexagon light, acoustic light



Product Features:

- Perforated aluminum panel with fire-proof acoustic set

- Available to be made along with corresponding LED light

- Multiple standard powder coating color options

- Aluminum is same with LED light, same material texture

Technical Information:​

Product Code
NCA H600
NCA H900
NCA H1200
Size (LxWxH)
600x520x88mm (23.62x20.47x3.46")
900x780x88mm (35.43x30.71x3.46")
1200x1040x88mm (47.24x40.94x3.46")


Installation type: Suspended (Default), Recessed, Ceiling Mounted or Wall Mounted (See details)

Multiple powder coating colors (See details)

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