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Architectural Plus - Ring + Down Spot Light

Architectural Light Plus Series is developed for the needs of both general light and accent light,or needs of down light to increase the illumination level based on the architectural light,i.e. large Ring shaped lights,drum shaped lights,etc.

Designers and users can freely choose from presented models of Architectural Light Plus family,or other NEONNY Architectural Light models or bespoke models,plus the spot lights at the position needed.NEONNY offers comprehensive solutions to these kinds of needs.


We expect to listen to your needs and develop solutions.

NAF R2400+DS6

NAF R2400+DS6

NAF R2400+DS6

NAF R2400+DS6

NAF R2400+DS6

NAF R2400+DS6

Dimension NAF R2400+DS6

Dimension NAF R2400+DS6




- Contemporary design

- Provide both general light and accent light

- Mutiple options of spot light position and light direction 

Technical Information:​

Product Code
NAF* R1200+DS3
NAF R1500+DS3
NAF R1800+DS4
NAF R2100+DS6
NAF R2400+DS6

Size (DiaxWxH)
1200x80x100 mm (3.9'x3.15x3.94")
1500x80x100 mm (4.9'x3.15x3.94")
1800x80x100 mm (5.9'x3.15x3.94")
2100x80x100 mm (6.9x3.15x3.94")
2400x80x100 mm (7.9'x3.15x3.94")

LED Light Color
Watt(Ring + Spot)
57W + 3*20W
71W + 3*20W
85W + 4*20W
99W + 6*20W
113W + 6*20W

* NAF uses opal plastic diffuser for Ring light

* NZF uses luminous stretch film diffuser for Ring light

Customized solution available:

- Bespoke ring light,diameter,cross section width and heigth,finish color,light color,light direction,wattage and dimming type
- Bespoke spot lights,dimension,finish color,light color
,light direction,wattage and dimming type

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