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Architectural Light - Custom Curve

Curve is a widely applied factor in interior design. Neonny curve light series is the practice applying curve into lighting products. The service of custom curve lighting fixture is offered for the needs of unique curve lighting fixture that is specially designed to match the design style or space requirement.   



Product / Development Availability:

- Curve lighting fixture shown on NEONNY website

- Light fixture with random curve

- Curved outlines at horizontal direction,vertical direction or both

- Multiple standard powder coating color options


Color temperature: Warm White 2800 - 3200K, Bright White 3700 - 4200K, Daylight 5600 - 6500K 

Dimmable: Non-Dim (Default), 0-10V, DALI or DMX

Light distribution: Direct (Default), Indirect or Direct+Indirect

Installation type: Suspended (Default), Recessed, Ceiling Mounted or Wall Mounted (See details)

Multiple powder coating colors (See details)

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- For queries about our standard product in details or demand for customized products, please visit our product enquiry page.

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