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Neonny bridges the gap between LED lighting and building

Shenzhen, China - How to get the LED Panel that thoroughly match your ceiling? Increasing people are considering LED lighting products, the next generation lighting, into their decoration scheme, however, the gap between LED Lighting and Building is not small. For instance, the LED lamps they got may not thoroughly match the designed ceiling, especially the LED lamps which is not purchased locally but imported from China or other countries. The builder may recognize that the LED panel they received is a little bigger/smaller/thicker, or without appropriate installation solution until arrival of the goods. That must be a big disaster of an ongoing project. Neonny can help you to avoid this problem. We are one of the leading manufacturers located in China specialized in LED Panel, LED profile and other LED lighting products and know very well with the celebrated building material brands, such as Linder, Armstrong, Hunter Douglas, SAS etc.. There are dozens of ceiling types requiring LED panel coming in a little bit different shape/frame. With your design diagram, Neonny is able to provide you the LED panel in suitable frame and installation solution that perfectly match your ceiling.

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