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Neonny launches Disc series of archi-lighting product

Shenzhen, China – Lighting fixture is part of architecture, however, limited by the shape of conventional lighting source, like incandescent, fluorescent and others, the lighting fixture has to be designed comply to them,so that many new designs/ideas of the lighting fixture couldn`t be realized, which is real pity for lighting designers and interior designers. Thanks to continuous development of SLL technology, the LED, revolutionary light source, offers more and more possibilities for lighting fixture design. Neonny, with its experiences and insight on LED and architectural lighting, is trying to make LED lighting products increasingly approaching the demand of modern interior decoration. The first archi-lighting series Neonny now launches is Disk Series, highlighted with modern outlook and ultra-uniform light distribution. Currently, Neonny issues 2 models, Disk420(dia.420mm) and Disk600(dia.600mm) with height of 88mm. The lamp is able to be used separately or be grouped, and all lamps come with plug-and-play installation solution designed upon your on-site situation. The detailed specification is available on our website under category “Architectural Lighting”. The most outstanding feature of Neonny Disk Seriers is that the housing is designed to be easily tailor made. Considering the different room/speace/project may need different diameter,height,coating color,light output,or installation solution, Disk Series accepts custom request in order to match and enhance the interior design as much as possible. We expect to discuss with you to work out the perfect solution for you unparallel design.

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