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Neonny made breakthrough in Moving Sky LED Panel

Shenzhen, China – Aesthetic satisfactory is ultimate pursuit of designers all over the world. One of their good ideas is to bring the blue sky indoor. In some cases, the blue sky and white clouds are painted on the ceiling, it is static, and maybe some light fixtures(i.e. down light) among the painted ceiling. This is less than perfect. Neonny is trying to improve the situation. The latest LED technology makes the optical display and intelligent control are available, while the rest part is how to work out a pretty fixture that is not only an advanced heat sink of LEDs, but also must look good. The latter is what Neonny made the breakthrough in. With over 15 years experience serving worlds giants, like Lindner, Hunter Douglas and Armstrong, also hundreds of contractors, Neonny finally worked out the ideal “Sharp Angle” workmanship, which made the panel maybe the worlds` first one with ultimate perfect looking(see the picture). By “Sharp Angle” workmanship, the grooves between panels and the hole at the conjunction of every 4 panels are almost inexistent. This exciting breakthrough makes the Moving Sky LED Panel finally consummate for interior decoration. The Moving Sky LED Panel is an ideal lighting and decorative source to be as lighted ceiling or façade. Application is quite wide like office, hospital, healthcare, residence. Installation methods include suspended, recessed, surface-mounted, putting in a ceiling system and other possible situation. Installation solution and accessory are provided upon floor plan. Neonny provides the panel in 2 sizes, 598x598x55mm, 598x1198x55mm, and can be grouped as you want, and also open for custom request.

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