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Neonny unveils triangle architectural lighting product

Shenzhen, China – Further to the first architectural lighting series – Disc series, Neonny launched on 01 Oct, now we are proud to unveil our second architectural lighting product – Triangle series. The new series integrates the latest LED technology with modern appearance. Except the ultra-uniform light distribution, the new product highlights its modern silhouette of both straight line round corner. The perfect combination of triangle with round corner brings user the positive symbol of firm, trust and team work. Currently, Neonny issues 1 models, Triangle600(rounded from an equilateral triangle with sides of 600mm), with height of 88mm and 25 watt power. The lamp is able to be used separately or be grouped like flower, and all lamps come with installation option of bar pendant or wires pendant. The detailed specification is available on our website under category “Architectural Lighting”. The Triangle series is designed to be easily tailor made to match the space where it is installed. Neonny accepts custom request like dimension, coating color and light color in order to enhance the whole interior design as much as possible. We expect to discuss with you to work out the perfect solution for your unparallel design.

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