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Neonny Moving Sky LED Panel is selected in book "III-Nitride Based Light Emitting Diodes and Ap

III-Nitride Based Light Emitting Diodes and Applications Topics in Applied Physics Volume 126, 2013, pp 373-383

Emerging System Level Applications for LED Technology Robert F. Karlicek Jr.

Abstract This chapter describes possible future system level applications of LED technology from the viewpoint of emerging trends in lighting related human health, communications, and display technologies. Currently, almost every aspect of LED technology from substrates to systems applications is undergoing rapid technical evolution, so projections about future system level applications are highly speculative, and this assessment presumes that solutions to long standing LED issues like droop and poor green/yellow performance will ultimately be found. Future system level applications will also be tightly convolved with the system level incorporation of new types of light sensors and embedded processing capabilities so that feedback loops between the light source, the environment and the control system can be closed. Future systems level applications will also be tightly convolved the development of new features and services needed to extend business revenue models of lighting companies as the progress in LED system reliability drives future applications in lighting to the point that bulb/socket commodity business models begin to fail, and business models based on the offering of new lighting features and services are developed.

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