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Emma Hier is featured by Neonny 3D LED wall panel


My favourite design show of the year has to be 100% design because it showcases lots of exciting new products and provides me with so much inspiration. This year I was as excited as ever and I wasn’t disappointed. Two key themes stood out for me, Sculptural wall panels and concrete. Sculptural pieces such as these are very effective and make great features in any contemporary interior. My favourites from the show are these sculptural light panels, acoustic panels from Soundtect and in particular I love the Diamond product from Foursteel.

You would never guess but it is in fact a radiator. As I am not a fan of the standard radiators used in most british homes and believe if you do have radiators using

designer ones is the way to go I just love this product. The fact that it is a work of art in itself and also has the function of a radiator is fantastic although with prices starting at £2550 they certainly aren’t for those on a small budget. Concrete is a popular trend at the moment and this was clearly evident at the show. If you love concrete as I do you will like some of these great new products.

Tiles to replicate the shutter boarded concrete aesthetic such as this frescoton product are available from Frescolori. These sinks from Lowinfo come in different colours, shapes and sizes and do look amazing however the practical side of me does wonder how they would live up to day to day use and dreaded limescale. Lastly a new product called Concreate was my favourite find at the show. The product is like engineered wood flooring in its construction and the company who make it have been producing wooden flooring for many years. The flooring is an alternative to laying a costly polished

concrete floor and because it is laid with interlocking pieces it can easily and quickly be retro-fitted. It comes in 3 colours white, natural grey and dark grey and the large panel sizes(1200x300x14mm) are very effective. In addition they do a white oak wooden

flooring backed onto the same substrate which allows for a seamless combination of surfaces. On top of all this it is water resistant, has in-built acoustic properties and is ideal for use with underfloor heating. If you want to take the concrete aesthetic a step further they also produce 4mm thick panels you can use on walls or ceilings.

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