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New patent received

In the meanwhile continuously developing creative LED lighting products, Neonny has constantly investing in the R&D on smart control and IOT (Internet of Things), and achieved breakthrough in this field. We have successfully invented “Wireless communication pairing method and device” and now we are proud to announced that we have received the Certificate of Patent for an Invention issued by SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C). A soft copy of the Certificate is attached here.

More patents are under application.

Invention Title: Wireless communication pairing method and device

Inventor: Ji Jian Xu

Patent No. : ZL 2012 1 0243969.2

Application date: 16th July, 2012

Patent proprietor: Shenzhen Neonny technologies Co., LTD

Authorised announcement date: 22nd April, 2015/9/6

On 22nd April 2015, we have granted the top national patent of invention, which is named as “method of wireless communication with its matching device”.

Our applicant (inventor) “Ji Jian Xu” has applied the patent application in 2012, and now successfully received after 3 years period, the patent document number is “ZL 2012 1 0243969.2”.

The patent proprietor is under “Shenzhen Neonny Technologies Co., LTD”.

The invention patent is issued by State Intellectual Property Office Of The People’s Republic Of China (P.R.C),

We are (Neonny) congratulated and proud to “Ji Jian Xu” for the success in apply the invention patent, and we expect his other patents application will be obtain in near future.

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