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New product "Link Series"

Neonny is proud to announce the world`s pioneering creation, Neonny Link series - Integrated Multifunction Ceiling, which perfect fuses LED lighting,sound-absorbent and art design together. It is not merely lighting + acoustic panels but a group of creative and one-stop ceiling art design sources, plenty of possibilities are available for interior designers or users:

1) Each panel could be LED lighting fixture, perforated acoustic panel or just colorful decorative panel, depends on your needs of lighting volume, surrounding noise and aesthetics

2) Free combination,you can arrange and shape them to the pattern and coverage as you want

3) Multiple panel shapes available,custom shape is encouraged

4) Around 20 standard powder coating color options, custom color request available upon request

5) Simple maintenance through the holes shaped by the open ceiling. User can easily access LED lighting fixtures and ceiling panels, upper HVAC pipes and equipment to dismantle or repair when it is needed.

6) Remain original space height as the holes shaped inside the Multifunction Ceiling system, unlike traditional false ceiling which occupies and covers part of the space height and as a result people feel stressed, especially in space with limit height. The comprehensive solution is ideal for contemporary interior design. We expect to listen to your needs and make your ideas come true with our epochal solution!

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