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Sky Garden Light - Rectangle

Sky Garden Light is inspired by the needs of bringing more elements of nature to indoor. The suspended fixture contains 5 of E26/E27 light bulb holders supporting common E26/E27 bulbs at AC110/220V. The crystal clusters add additional beauty to light fixture. This light can be supplied with or without the flowering plants.

artificial plant light, garden light

Technical Information:​

Product Code
NGS R2112   
Size (LxWxH)
1200x210x250mm (47.24x8.27x9.84")
Lamp Holder
E26/E27 (5 PCS)


Light bulb option: Warm White 2700 - 3200K LED Bulb (E26/27, 3W), Daylight 5500 - 6500K LED Bulb (E26/27, 3W)

Light bulb type: LED, CFL, Incandescent (Users can replace light bulb with other type and watt)

Multiple powder coating colors (See details)

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