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Smart Accompany Light


Smart Accompany Light is developed to accompany people during night.It auto lights up by motion detection,and auto off after you fall sleep.The light could be adjusted to comfortable brightness and color tone in needs.

Core Feature


Except charming appearance,unlike most other night lights in the market,the NEONNY Smart Accompany Light is special designed to detect small motion in order to stays on.

Most night lights in the market can identify only one motion threshold value and be triggered on by it.The problem is that these type of night lights can not detect smaller motion,like turning over book pages,so that it turns off when you are reading a book.

NEONNY Smart Accompany Light can be triggered on by big motion,like you walk into the bedroom,then stays on by detecting your continuous action of turning over the book pages.After you fall asleep for a white,the light will auto off.


Major Founction


When the light is off,big motion triggers the light on.

When the light is on,small or big motion triggers the light to stay on.

When the light is on,and no small or big motion detected for a while,like the user is falling asleep,the light will automatically turn off.

During the night when you are asleep,the light is off,the small motion of user,like turning over in bed,will not trigger the light on.But the light will auto on if you sit up in bed.

The light could not be triggered on when there is sufficient ambient light.

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