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Luminous Stretch Film Ceiling - Square Series

Luminous Stretch Ceiling/Light is a product solution of one piece large light panel. The light panel is available in round shape, triangle, square, or bespoke shape and size. Comparing conventional method installing light and putting up stretch film on site, NEONNY Luminous Stretch Light significantly saves contract labor and time.

luminous stretch film panel light



Product Features:

- Apply on suspended and recessed installation

- Large one piece light panel

- Uniform light distribution

- High quality aluminum housing ensuring efficient heat dissipation,

  stable and reliable LED performance

- Multiple standard powder coating color options

- Mosquito and dust proof 

- Save a lot of contract labor and time 

Technical Information:​

Product Code
NZF S2020
Size (LxWxH)
2000x2000x100mm (78.74x78.74x3.94")


Color temperature: Warm White 2800 - 3200K, Bright White 3700 - 4200K, Daylight 5600 - 6500K

Dimmable: Non-Dim (Default), 0-10V, DALI or DMX

Light distribution: Direct (Default), Indirect or Direct+Indirect

Installation type: Suspended (Default), Recessed, Ceiling Mounted or Wall Mounted (See details)

Multiple powder coating colors (See details)

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