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Wayfinding systems aid traveller flow and reduce crowding,facilitates self-navigation from point A to point B.


Good wayfinding signage should create a welcoming and enjoyable environment, reassure travelers and provide answers to questions before they have to ask for assistance.


In a big project,like airport,there may more than one hundred models of Wayfinding signages needed.These signages vary in information content,form and size.To produce these wayfinding signages,it requires rich experience and professional manufacture skills.


With extensive experience in development and production of customized lighting products,NEONNY is able to produce the wayfinding signage following your finished design or design concept.We delivered wayfinding signage for airport,train station and other public projects. We listen to your needs and develop solutions.

SID F3092 I2-A

SID F3092 I2-A

SID F3092 I2-A

SID F3092 I2-A

SID F3092 I2-A

SID F3092 I2-A



General information:

- Aluminum frame 

- Opal plastic diffuser

- Customized text font and size

- LED light source

- Uniform light mix​

- Multiple standard powder coating color options

- Professional installation solution

Size SID F3092 I2-A.jpg

Technical Information:​

Product Code
SID F3092 I2-A
Size (LxHxW1)
920x3000x130mm (36.22x118.11x5.12")
LED Light Color

SID: Identification signage

F: Floor mounted
I2: 2 sides illuminated 
A: Model A


Emergency battery pack available upon request

Light color:white(default),other color available upon request

Multiple powder coating colors (See details)

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